Why the porn industry will always make money

pornIt seems like no one will admit they watch adult videos but the reality is that everyone actually does. Have you ever wondered why there are some porn sites in the worlds top 10 largest sites in the world? However there is still a ton of smaller sites like Luv2Skeet.com (to visit their site click here) that presumably still serve a pretty large amount of users every day. So it is very obvious that there is no shortage of porn content out there. So even though no one will admit it there will always be a market. Its all part of being a sexual human being. The need to release sexually and sometimes even want others having sex in a clip to be able to get us in the mood to ejaculate.

A growing trend today seems to be the release of sex tapes by celebrities. The funny thing is they pretend that these are amateur taps but they really aren’t. The best amateur porn videos don’t have camera men. But these videos go on to be viral sensations and in return they generate lots of money for the company that produces them. Lots of regular joes always have fantasies of seeing their favorite female celebrity nude. So for that very reason alone you best believe that they will go and buy the video. Or like other on a budget just wait till its available for free on a tube site.

We really loved all of the videos in their amateur category of the site we mentioned above. So if you guys (and maybe some gals) are in the mood go check it out. The link is below.

What are some of your favorite spots on the internet to get your freaky on? Comment below.

How to access youtube when its blocked.

We have all been faced with that moment where we are at work or at school and we need to access a blocked site to kill some time. Most of the time we try to access either Facebook or Youtube. Both of which are usually blocked because 1 they eat a lot of bandwidth and 2 they are just really distracting. So we went on the hunt to find the best site to use to unblock Youtube.

So we have found the best youtube proxy. We were looking for something that loaded the videos fast as well as the entire site. No one has time to sit there and wait for pages to load. It also appears that they normal update their servers. There was a time where it was down for maintenance and then it came back up about a minute later and it was running even fast then before. So it appears they are committed to quality.

How does it work?

Basically you are greeted with a front page with a small for where you enter the url like in the screenshot below:

proxy screenshot

If you want to go to youtube all you have to do is click go. If you want to visit another blocked site just remove youtube and enter the url. The the page gets loaded via the proxy and voila.

Your welcome. ;)