How to access youtube when its blocked.

We have all been faced with that moment where we are at work or at school and we need to access a blocked site to kill some time. Most of the time we try to access either Facebook or Youtube. Both of which are usually blocked because 1 they eat a lot of bandwidth and 2 they are just really distracting. So we went on the hunt to find the best site to use to unblock Youtube.

So we have found the best youtube proxy. We were looking for something that loaded the videos fast as well as the entire site. No one has time to sit there and wait for pages to load. It also appears that they normal update their servers. There was a time where it was down for maintenance and then it came back up about a minute later and it was running even fast then before. So it appears they are committed to quality.

How does it work?

Basically you are greeted with a front page with a small for where you enter the url like in the screenshot below:

proxy screenshot

If you want to go to youtube all you have to do is click go. If you want to visit another blocked site just remove youtube and enter the url. The the page gets loaded via the proxy and voila.

Your welcome. ;)

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